About Me

I am a dreamer. I’m also a husband, a father and a brother. I’ve made many mistakes and will continue making them. It’s through mistakes that we learn and it’s through my biggest mistakes that I’ve learned the most.

I’m very prone to accepting random challenges of endurance. I have not always viewed myself as an endurance athlete, wrestling and rugby was my thing in my younger years but as life progressed I’m leaning ever more towards the endurance side of things.

I’ve completed races like the Desert Dash, the Wines to Whales and the Cape Town Cycle Tour. I’ve summitted Kilimanjaro with my wife and my latest endeavor is to cross the finish line of a full Ironman Triathlon. It’s through training for events like these that I got to know myself so much better.

I have experienced life’s challenges and I hope by sharing my experiences I can contribute to making your ups more rewarding and your downs less depressing. Life’s about conquering demons, banishing fear and turning dreams into reality and hopefully somewhere on these pages you can find a piece of advice that works for you.