About Me

I am a dreamer and more often that not, I dream without a plan, making whatever I have in mind nothing more than a wish. That changed. Life made me realise that it’s ok to dream as long as you have a plan to make it happen.

It’s about staying mentally and physically fit enough to pursue the dream.

It is about mastering movement. Movements such as falling flat onto your stomach, face in the ground and from there, getting into a squat and jumping into the air. Because burpees make you happy. It is only through hitting rock bottom that you’ll appreciate the dizzy heights of happiness.

Fitness is health and health is happiness. It is about what you put in, into your mouth and into your head. It is about realizing that you can’t out-train (or out-run) a bad diet. Just as sure as a diet of sugar will kill you, just as sure will a diet of negativity steal your life.

I have taken on physical challenges, I have experienced life’s challenges and I hope by sharing my experiences I can contribute to making your ups more rewarding and your downs less depressing. It’s about conquering demons and turning dreams into reality.