Wines2Whales 2018 – Event Report

The W2W is one of South Africa's most iconic MTB events and this year it celebrated its tenth anniversary. It is a three-day stage race contested by teams consisting of two riders each. Due to its ever-growing popularity there are three races to choose from. The Chardonnay took place from 26-28 October, the Pinotage from …

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Kaokoland – All Roads lead to Puros

The Community Camp at Puros is Kaokoland's best campsite. I know, there are other camps with better facilities. But there's not many other camps where you can be seated on the "throne" with an elephant showering in the cubicle next to you. The place is simply special. Getting to Puros is half the fun. From Sesfontein you …

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Exploring the Hoanib River

Definitely one of the most spectacular and scenic riverbeds of Namibia's north-west. As with the Khowarib Schlucht I recommend exploring the river from east to west (and in a proper 4x4 vehicle with low range). Several routes provide access to the riverbed: The Ganamub 4x4 Trail Crossing the Okambonde Plain The D3707 via the Hoanib Gorge …

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Mingling with the Maltese – First Impressions

I'm 43 years old and this is my first time going "overseas". I'm accompanying my daughter (Elisbè) on a trip to Malta where she will compete in an international gymnastics competition. After a ten hour flight from Cape Town to Istanbul and a three hour lay-over we board another Turkish Airlines flight to Malta. It …

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Khowarib Schlucht – Dust, sweat and Beers

"Khowarib Schlucht" - mention those words and it conjures up images of dust, dust and more dust. Probably the Kaokoland's most famous dust hole! But there's more to it than just dust. Where's the Schlucht and how do I drive it? The Schlucht is a narrow (and scenic) gorge situated in the upper reaches of …

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Kaokoland – Namibia’s Wild West

"Kaokoland" (some people refer to it as the "Kaokoveld") refers to Namibia's remote north-western corner. Until the late twentieth century the Kaokoland was truly one of the few remaining "Last Frontiers". Remote and isolated. Romanticized as a place with abundant wildlife and nomadic tribes unaffected by the ways of the West. Most of that was true before the late 70's.

Bells and Whistles

Accessorizing your 4×4 – a Guide’s view Making a mistake inevitably comes with a price, failing to figure out the difference between what you want and what you need, is a mistake of the more expensive kind. You’ve bought your first 4×4, it’s brand new and the inside smells like a girl in leather pants. …

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